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Smooth Delivery: Enhancing the User Experience for an Early Morning Smoothie Delivery Service

Client: Aurora SF
My Role: UX/UI Designer
Timeline: 4 weeks
problem scope

Our challenge was to create an app that would not only be visually appealing and easy to navigate, but also provide a seamless and hassle-free user experience from start to finish. With a deep understanding of our client's target audience and business goals, we set out to design an app that would exceed their expectations and drive business growth.

Client Background

Aurora is a delivery only smoothie company that provides a healthy and convenient option for busy individuals on the go. As a delivery only service, their main focus is on providing a seamless and easy-to-use online experience for their customers.

    Content Requirements

    The objective of this UX case study is to design a delivery app that meets the needs of a diverse range of target audiences, including young parents who work from home, children, and young professionals. We will consider the demographics, psychographics, and user goals to ensure that the app is user-friendly and accessible to all.

    Target Audience: Our target audience is diverse and includes young parents who work from home, children, and young professionals. We will focus on providing a seamless experience for each of these user groups.

    User Goals: Our user groups have different goals when using the app. Young parents who work from home need an app that is easy to navigate and provides a convenient way to order meals for their family. Children need an app that is simple and easy to use, with clear instructions for placing orders before school. Young professionals need an app that is quick and efficient, allowing them to place orders before work.

    Demographics: Our target audience includes all genders, college-educated, working professionals between the ages of 26-35, with options for 5-12 kids. The location is San Francisco, California.

    Psychographics: Our target audience is motivated, generally content, pleasant, easy-going, and energetic. They value liberal, socially progressive, and family-oriented values. Their lifestyles are athletic, upscale, and normcore.

    Design Strategy: Our design strategy will focus on creating a user-friendly app that meets the needs of each user group. We will prioritize clear instructions and simple navigation, with a design that is visually appealing and consistent with the client's brand. Our team will conduct accessibility checks during each iteration to ensure that the app is accessible to all users.

    Conclusion: Through our UX case study, we will create a delivery app that meets the needs of a diverse range of user groups. Our focus on user goals, demographics, and psychographics will result in an app that is user-friendly, visually appealing, and accessible to all users. We are confident that our design strategy will result in a successful and well-received app for our client.

    The Pilates Instructor

    Marja, 37

    Marja is a health-conscious individual who is passionate about wellness and fitness. She works as a gym class instructor, and her job requires her to be physically active throughout the day. In her free time, she enjoys reading wellness magazines to keep herself updated on the latest health trends.

    Challenges and Pain Points: Marja's busy schedule can make it challenging to prepare healthy meals or snacks throughout the day. She often feels rushed in the morning and struggles to find time to make a nutritious breakfast for herself and her family. As a result, she often skips breakfast or settles for unhealthy options.

    Goals and Motivations: Marja's primary goal is to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while balancing her work and family life. She is always on the lookout for ways to improve her well-being, and she is willing to invest in products or services that align with her values.

    How our client's early morning delivery smoothie service can help

    Aurora can provide Marja with a convenient and healthy breakfast option that fits into her busy lifestyle.

    She can customize her smoothie to her liking, ensuring that it contains all the necessary nutrients to fuel her day. With the delivery service, she can enjoy a delicious and nutritious breakfast without sacrificing time or energy.

    Next steps and reflections

    During the next phase of the project, our team will focus on iterating the design of the app based on feedback received from usability tests. We understand the importance of creating an app that is user-friendly and accessible to all, and we will prioritize conducting accessibility checks during each iteration to ensure that the app can be accessed by all users regardless of experience.

    We believe that constant iteration is necessary to create a product that meets the needs of the user while maintaining consistency with the client's business goals. By listening to user feedback and making necessary adjustments, we are confident that we can create an app that is easy to navigate and provides a seamless experience for all users.
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